Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Abingdon (EGUD) available!

Weather station in the area

Abingdon (SYNOP 036533)
Greenham Common (METAR EGVI)
Brize Norton (METAR EGVN)
Little Rissington (SYNOP 036470)
Brize Norton (SYNOP 036490)
Benson (SYNOP 036570)
Greenham Common (SYNOP 037435)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Abingdon (METAR KVJI)
Weatherstation Abingdon (METAR IATA_VJI)
Weatherstation Abingdon (SYNOP 036533)
Weatherstation Abington (SYNOP 724058)
Weatherstation Andong (METAR RKTA)
Weatherstation Andong (SYNOP 471360)
Weatherstation Arlington (METAR KGKY)
Weatherstation Arlington (METAR KF54)
Weatherstation Arlington (METAR KARL)
Weatherstation Arlington (METAR IATA_GKY)
Weatherstation Arlington (METAR IATA_F54)
Weatherstation Arlington (SYNOP 727965)
Weatherstation Qingdao (SYNOP 548570)
Weatherstation Lindong (SYNOP 540270)
Weatherstation Huntingdon (METAR KHZD)
Weatherstation Huntingdon (METAR IATA_HZD)
Weatherstation Ango (METAR FZKO)
Weatherstation Ango (SYNOP 640523)
Weatherstation Alindao (METAR FEFA)
Weatherstation Alindao (SYNOP 646620)

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