Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Abumusa-Island (OIBA) available!

Weather station in the area

Abu Musa Island (SYNOP 408900)
Sirri Island (METAR OIBS)
Abu Musa Island (SYNOP 408900)
Sirri Island (METAR OIBS)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Abu-Musa-Island (SYNOP 408900)
Weatherstation Cumshewa-Island (METAR IATA_WZL)
Weatherstation Cumshewa-Island (METAR CWZL)
Weatherstation Cumshewa-Island (SYNOP 714844)
Weatherstation Tubuai-Island (METAR NTAT)
Weatherstation Rotuma-Island (METAR NFNR)
Weatherstation Rotuma-Island (SYNOP 916500)
Weatherstation Nomuka-Island (SYNOP 917860)
Weatherstation Lampedusa-Island (METAR LICD)
Weatherstation Lampedusa-Island (SYNOP 164900)
Weatherstation Alabat-Island (METAR RPXT)
Weatherstation Alabat-Island (SYNOP 984350)
Weatherstation Simusir-Island (SYNOP 321950)
Weatherstation Rasa-Island (SYNOP 837440)
Weatherstation Nuguria-Island (SYNOP 940820)
Weatherstation Nanumea-Island (METAR NGFO)
Weatherstation Nanumea-Island (SYNOP 916310)
Weatherstation Aldabra-Island (SYNOP 639950)
Weatherstation Alboran-Island (SYNOP 084900)
Weatherstation Ouessant-Island (SYNOP 071000)

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