Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Adam (412640) available!

Weather station in the area

Adam (SYNOP 412640)
Adam (SYNOP 412640)
Adam (SYNOP 412640)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Agdam (SYNOP 378930)
Weatherstation Ada (METAR KADH)
Weatherstation Ada (METAR IATA_ADH)
Weatherstation Ada (METAR DGAD)
Weatherstation Ada (SYNOP 654750)
Weatherstation Selaparang (METAR WADA)
Weatherstation Mascara (METAR DAOM)
Weatherstation Marshall (METAR PADM)
Weatherstation Debre-Marcos (METAR HADM)
Weatherstation De-Aar (METAR FADA)
Weatherstation Buenos-Aires-Mor (METAR SADM)
Weatherstation Bordj-Mokhtar (METAR DATM)
Weatherstation Ardmore (METAR KADM)
Weatherstation Arba-Minch (METAR HAAM)
Weatherstation Anda (SYNOP 508540)
Weatherstation Ambouli-Djibouti (METAR HDAM)
Weatherstation Adra (METAR ES_6277B)
Weatherstation Adair-I80 (METAR XADA)
Weatherstation Aldan (SYNOP 310040)
Weatherstation Adana (SYNOP 173510)

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