Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Aeritalia (LIMA) available!

Weather station in the area

Torino/Caselle (METAR LIMF)
Torino/Bric Croc (METAR LIMK)
Torino/Caselle (SYNOP 160590)
Bric Della Croce (SYNOP 160610)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Azpeitia (METAR ES_1038X)
Weatherstation Agartala (METAR VEAT)
Weatherstation Agartala (SYNOP 427240)
Weatherstation Centralia (METAR KENL)
Weatherstation Centralia (METAR IATA_ENL)
Weatherstation Aitana (SYNOP 083610)
Weatherstation Astypalaia (METAR LGPL)
Weatherstation Astypalaia (SYNOP 167390)
Weatherstation Sedalia (METAR KDMO)
Weatherstation Sedalia (METAR IATA_DMO)
Weatherstation Marilia (METAR SBML)
Weatherstation Kaitaia (METAR NZKT)
Weatherstation Kaitaia (SYNOP 930120)
Weatherstation Atalaya (METAR SPAY)
Weatherstation Atalaya (SYNOP 845930)
Weatherstation Arriaga (SYNOP 768400)
Weatherstation Antalya (METAR LTAI)
Weatherstation Antalya (SYNOP 173000)
Weatherstation Sterlitamak (SYNOP 288250)
Weatherstation Puerto-Obaldia (METAR MPOA)

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