Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Afyon (171900) available!

Weather station in the area

Afyonkarahisar/Meyda (SYNOP 171890)
Afyon (SYNOP 171900)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Afyon (METAR LTAH)
Weatherstation Vanimo-Airport (METAR AYVN)
Weatherstation Tlemcen-Zenata (METAR DAON)
Weatherstation Rhino-Camp (METAR FYRN)
Weatherstation Outjo-Airport (METAR FYOJ)
Weatherstation Otjiwarongo-Airport (METAR FYOW)
Weatherstation Otjinene (METAR FYTN)
Weatherstation Oshakati (METAR FYOS)
Weatherstation Osh (METAR UAFO)
Weatherstation Ootmoed (METAR FYOT)
Weatherstation Ondangwa (METAR FYOA)
Weatherstation Omaruru (METAR FYOM)
Weatherstation Okaukuejo-Airport (METAR FYOO)
Weatherstation Okakarara (METAR FYOK)
Weatherstation Okahao (METAR FYOH)
Weatherstation Noordoewer (METAR FYND)
Weatherstation Nauru-Island (METAR ANYN)
Weatherstation Nadzab (METAR AYNZ)
Weatherstation Momote-Manus-Island (METAR AYMO)
Weatherstation Jaffrey (METAR KAFN)

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