Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Ajan (311680) available!

Weather station in the area

Ayan (SYNOP 311680)
Ayan (SYNOP 311680)
Ayan (SYNOP 311680)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Uzunagac (METAR UAAN)
Weatherstation Juneau (METAR PAJN)
Weatherstation Jackson (METAR KJAN)
Weatherstation Aliwal-North (METAR FAAN)
Weatherstation Ajon (SYNOP 250420)
Weatherstation Aban (SYNOP 294850)
Weatherstation Jackson (METAR IATA_JAN)
Weatherstation Cajan (SYNOP 382070)
Weatherstation Aswan (METAR HESN)
Weatherstation Arxan (SYNOP 507270)
Weatherstation Aldan (SYNOP 310040)
Weatherstation Aijal (SYNOP 427270)
Weatherstation Agana (METAR PGUM)
Weatherstation Adana (SYNOP 173510)
Weatherstation Abuja (METAR DNAA)
Weatherstation Abuja (SYNOP 651250)
Weatherstation Zanjan (METAR OITZ)
Weatherstation Zanjan (SYNOP 407290)
Weatherstation Zajsan (SYNOP 366650)
Weatherstation Ujjain (SYNOP 426620)

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