Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Alborg (060300) available!

Weather station in the area

Alborg (SYNOP 060300)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Alborg (METAR EKYT)
Weatherstation Along (SYNOP 422160)
Weatherstation Albox (METAR ES_6364X)
Weatherstation Vyborg (SYNOP 228920)
Weatherstation Amberg (SYNOP 107714)
Weatherstation Alibag (SYNOP 430580)
Weatherstation Vesborg (SYNOP 061310)
Weatherstation Malbork (METAR EPMB)
Weatherstation Holberg (METAR CWXH)
Weatherstation Holberg (SYNOP 718955)
Weatherstation Cobourg (METAR CWNC)
Weatherstation Cobourg (SYNOP 714310)
Weatherstation Astorga (METAR ES_2734D)
Weatherstation Altdorf (SYNOP 066720)
Weatherstation Alforja (METAR ES_0009X)
Weatherstation Albenga (METAR LIMG)
Weatherstation Albenga (SYNOP 161220)
Weatherstation Ahlhorn (METAR ETNA)
Weatherstation Adelong (SYNOP 959060)
Weatherstation Yenisehir-Ab (METAR LTBR)

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