Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Alcantarilla (084290) available!

Weather station in the area

Alcantarilla (METAR LERI)
Murcia (SYNOP 084300)
Murcia (SYNOP ES_7178I)
Abanilla (SYNOP ES_7250C)
Alhama de Murcia (SYNOP ES_7227X)
Archena (SYNOP ES_7158X)
Cieza (SYNOP ES_7145D)
Fuente lamo de Murcia (SYNOP ES_7023X)
Molina de Segura (SYNOP ES_7237E)
Mula (SYNOP ES_7172X)
Orihuela (SYNOP ES_7244X)
Torre-Pacheco (SYNOP ES_7026X)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Alcantarilla (METAR LERI)
Weatherstation Abanilla (METAR ES_7250C)
Weatherstation Atlanta (METAR KFTY)
Weatherstation Atlanta (METAR KATL)
Weatherstation Atlanta (METAR IATA_FTY)
Weatherstation Atlanta (METAR IATA_ATL)
Weatherstation Atlanta (SYNOP 722197)
Weatherstation Atlanta (SYNOP 722195)
Weatherstation Atlanta (SYNOP 722190)
Weatherstation Armilla (METAR LEGA)
Weatherstation Armilla (SYNOP 084203)
Weatherstation Antalya (METAR LTAI)
Weatherstation Antalya (SYNOP 173000)
Weatherstation Alexandria (METAR KN85)
Weatherstation Alexandria (METAR KESF)
Weatherstation Alexandria (METAR KAXN)
Weatherstation Alexandria (METAR KAEX)
Weatherstation Alexandria (METAR IATA_N85)
Weatherstation Alexandria (METAR IATA_ESF)
Weatherstation Alexandria (METAR IATA_AXN)

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