Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Alfeld (104420) available!

Weather station in the area

Hildesheim (SYNOP 103370)
Hannover (METAR EDDV)
Hannover (METAR EDVV)
Wunstorf (METAR ETNW)
Wunstorf (SYNOP 103340)
Hannover (SYNOP 103380)
Hannover (METAR EDDV)
Hildesheim (SYNOP 103370)
Koeterberg (SYNOP 104320)
Goettingen (SYNOP 104440)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Alfred (METAR CTAE)
Weatherstation Alfred (SYNOP 713660)
Weatherstation Bourges (METAR LFLD)
Weatherstation Carlsfeld (SYNOP 105740)
Weatherstation Bluefield (METAR KBLF)
Weatherstation Bluefield (METAR IATA_BLF)
Weatherstation Alykel (METAR UOOO)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR KN97)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR KFIG)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR IATA_N97)
Weatherstation Clearfield (METAR IATA_FIG)
Weatherstation Bluefields (METAR MNBL)
Weatherstation Bluefields (SYNOP 787450)
Weatherstation Aliseda (METAR ES_3562X)
Weatherstation Vichy-Charmeil (METAR LFLV)
Weatherstation Valladolid (METAR LEVD)
Weatherstation Toul-Rosieres (METAR LFSL)
Weatherstation Teruel (METAR LETL)
Weatherstation Sevilla (METAR LEZL)
Weatherstation Sepinggan (METAR WALL)

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