Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Alma (KAMG) available!

Weather station in the area

Alma/Bacon Co. (SYNOP 722135)
Hazelhurst (SYNOP IATA_AZE)
Douglas Muni (SYNOP IATA_DQH)
Hazelhurst (METAR KAZE)
Douglas Muni (METAR KDQH)
Baxley Municipal Airport (METAR KBHC)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Alma (METAR KAMN)
Weatherstation Alma (METAR IATA_AMN)
Weatherstation Alma (METAR IATA_AMG)
Weatherstation Almaty (SYNOP 368700)
Weatherstation Mount-Isa-Airport (METAR ABMA)
Weatherstation Mansa (METAR FLMA)
Weatherstation Makhado-Afb (METAR FALM)
Weatherstation Lanseria (METAR FALA)
Weatherstation Galela-Gamarmala (METAR WAMA)
Weatherstation Funchal-Madeira (METAR LPMA)
Weatherstation Awassa (METAR HALA)
Weatherstation Amga (SYNOP 249620)
Weatherstation Amarillo (METAR KAMA)
Weatherstation Alva (METAR KAVK)
Weatherstation Alva (METAR IATA_AVK)
Weatherstation Alpnach (METAR LSMA)
Weatherstation Alat (SYNOP 379230)
Weatherstation Alar (SYNOP 517300)
Weatherstation Alamogordo-White (METAR KALM)
Weatherstation Aix-Les-Milles-F (METAR LFMA)

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