Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Anderson-Municipal (KAID) available!

Weather station in the area

Anderson Municip (METAR IATA_AID)
Anderson Municipal (SYNOP 724385)
Marion Muni (SYNOP IATA_MZZ)
Marion Muni (METAR KMZZ)
Muncie/Johnson Fld (SYNOP 725336)
Marion Municipal (SYNOP 744214)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Anderson-Municipal (SYNOP 724385)
Weatherstation Anderson-Municip (METAR IATA_AID)
Weatherstation Pendleton-Municipal (SYNOP 726880)
Weatherstation Oneonta-Municipal (SYNOP 744843)
Weatherstation Chadron-Municipal (SYNOP 725636)
Weatherstation Hondo-Municipal (SYNOP 722533)
Weatherstation Watertown-Municipal (SYNOP 726546)
Weatherstation Renton-Municipal (SYNOP 727934)
Weatherstation Marion-Municipal (SYNOP 744214)
Weatherstation Gordon-Municipal (SYNOP 725637)
Weatherstation Fullerton-Municipal (SYNOP 722976)
Weatherstation Dickinson-Municipal (SYNOP 727645)
Weatherstation Berlin-Municipal (SYNOP 726160)
Weatherstation Aurora-Municipal (SYNOP 744655)
Weatherstation Ann-Arbor-Municipal (SYNOP 725374)
Weatherstation Alpine-Municipal (SYNOP 722623)
Weatherstation Ajo-Municipal (SYNOP 722806)
Weatherstation Youngstown-Municipal (SYNOP 725250)
Weatherstation Troy-Municipal (SYNOP 722267)
Weatherstation Ontario-Municipal (SYNOP 726837)

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