Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Andizan (UTFA) available!

Weather station in the area

Andizan (SYNOP 384750)
Andizan (METAR UTKA)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Andizan (METAR UTKA)
Weatherstation Andizan (METAR IATA_AZN)
Weatherstation Andizan (SYNOP 384750)
Weatherstation Adrian (METAR KADG)
Weatherstation Adrian (METAR IATA_ADG)
Weatherstation Anda (SYNOP 508540)
Weatherstation Anxiang (SYNOP 575740)
Weatherstation Kuandian (SYNOP 544930)
Weatherstation Gizan (METAR OEGN)
Weatherstation Gizan (SYNOP 411410)
Weatherstation Gizan (SYNOP 411400)
Weatherstation Canadian (METAR KHHF)
Weatherstation Canadian (METAR IATA_HHF)
Weatherstation Aydin (METAR LTBD)
Weatherstation Aydin (SYNOP 172340)
Weatherstation Aniak (METAR PANI)
Weatherstation Aniak (METAR IATA_ANI)
Weatherstation Aniak (SYNOP 702320)
Weatherstation Anguiano (METAR ES_9136X)
Weatherstation Andir (SYNOP 518480)

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