Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Asyut (623930) available!

Weather station in the area

Asyut Airport (SYNOP 623930)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Asyut (METAR HEAT)
Weatherstation Aksuat (SYNOP 366430)
Weatherstation Umtata-Kd-Matanz (METAR FAUT)
Weatherstation Treinta-Y-Tres (METAR SUTR)
Weatherstation Timimoun (METAR DAUT)
Weatherstation Tartagal-Airport (METAR SAST)
Weatherstation Tacuarembo (METAR SUTB)
Weatherstation Sydney-Intl-Airport (METAR ASSY)
Weatherstation Southport (METAR KSUT)
Weatherstation Repulse-Bay-Airp (METAR CYUT)
Weatherstation Lethem (METAR SYLT)
Weatherstation Kato (METAR SYKT)
Weatherstation Hemavan (METAR ESUT)
Weatherstation Georgetown (METAR SYGT)
Weatherstation Georgetown-Timeh (METAR SYTM)
Weatherstation Eareckson-Shemya (METAR PASY)
Weatherstation Astoria (METAR KAST)
Weatherstation Akun-Airport (METAR PAUT)
Weatherstation Southport (METAR IATA_SUT)
Weatherstation Repulse-Bay-Airp (METAR IATA_YUT)

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