Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Avno (EKAV) available!

Weather station in the area

Avno (SYNOP 061500)
Avno (SYNOP 061500)
Tyvelse (SYNOP 061530)
Avno (SYNOP 061500)
Maribo Airport (METAR EKMB)
Maribo Airport (SYNOP 061430)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Avno (SYNOP 061500)
Weatherstation Aviano (METAR LIYW)
Weatherstation Aviano (METAR LIPA)
Weatherstation Aviano (SYNOP 160370)
Weatherstation Aviano (SYNOP 160365)
Weatherstation Aviano (SYNOP 160360)
Weatherstation Vanimo-Airport (METAR AYVN)
Weatherstation San-Antonio-Oest (METAR SAVO)
Weatherstation Chilecito (METAR SANO)
Weatherstation Avoca-I80 (METAR XAVO)
Weatherstation Avao (SYNOP 917570)
Weatherstation Ango (METAR FZKO)
Weatherstation Ango (SYNOP 640523)
Weatherstation Rovno (METAR UKLR)
Weatherstation Rovno (SYNOP 333010)
Weatherstation Livno (SYNOP 146400)
Weatherstation Livno (SYNOP 133400)
Weatherstation Avord (METAR LFOA)
Weatherstation Avord (SYNOP 072570)
Weatherstation Akeno (METAR RJOE)

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