Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bailesti (154650) available!

Weather station in the area

Lom (SYNOP 155110)
Biclesu (SYNOP 154120)
Calafat (SYNOP 154820)
Biclesu (SYNOP 154120)
Craiova (METAR LRCV)
Craiova (SYNOP 154500)
Lom (SYNOP 155110)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Balintesti (SYNOP 152210)
Weatherstation Baltim (SYNOP 623250)
Weatherstation Sarulesti (SYNOP 154290)
Weatherstation Balikesir (METAR LTBF)
Weatherstation Balikesir (SYNOP 171500)
Weatherstation Stykkisholmur (METAR BIST)
Weatherstation Santiago-Labacol (METAR LEST)
Weatherstation Pitesti (SYNOP 153730)
Weatherstation Marculesti (METAR LUBM)
Weatherstation Maicanesti (SYNOP 152870)
Weatherstation Biclesu (SYNOP 154120)
Weatherstation Ploiesti (SYNOP 153770)
Weatherstation Brasilia (METAR SBBR)
Weatherstation Brasilia (SYNOP 833780)
Weatherstation Brasilia (SYNOP 833770)
Weatherstation Bistrita (SYNOP 150850)
Weatherstation Wales (METAR PAIW)
Weatherstation Wales (SYNOP 701160)
Weatherstation Rieti (METAR LIQN)
Weatherstation Rieti (SYNOP 162210)

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