Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bajndelger (443520) available!

Weather station in the area

Bayandelger (SYNOP 443520)
Bayandelger (SYNOP 443520)
Bayandelger (SYNOP 443520)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Badger (METAR IATA_WDI)
Weatherstation Badger (METAR CWDI)
Weatherstation Badger (SYNOP 714000)
Weatherstation Chandler (METAR KCQB)
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Weatherstation Chandler (METAR IATA_CQB)
Weatherstation Chandler (METAR IATA_CHD)
Weatherstation Candeleda (METAR ES_3422D)
Weatherstation Braunlage (SYNOP 104520)
Weatherstation Vandel (METAR EKVA)
Weatherstation Vandel (SYNOP 061000)
Weatherstation Lander (METAR KLND)
Weatherstation Lander (METAR IATA_LND)
Weatherstation Bangor (METAR KBGR)
Weatherstation Bangor (METAR IATA_BGR)
Weatherstation Bangor (SYNOP 726070)
Weatherstation Sennelager (METAR KQAK)
Weatherstation Gardelegen (SYNOP 103590)
Weatherstation Candelaria (METAR ES_C438N)
Weatherstation Bandar-Lengeh (METAR OIBL)

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