Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Balasore (428950) available!

Weather station in the area

Balasore (SYNOP 428950)
Balasore (SYNOP 428950)
Balasore (SYNOP 428950)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Balashov (SYNOP 341520)
Weatherstation Blasjo (SYNOP 014400)
Weatherstation Balsas (SYNOP 827600)
Weatherstation Bangalore (SYNOP 432950)
Weatherstation Balsareny (METAR ES_0106X)
Weatherstation Balmaseda (METAR ES_1078C)
Weatherstation Balkasino (SYNOP 289780)
Weatherstation Batchelore (SYNOP 941250)
Weatherstation Baltasound (SYNOP 030020)
Weatherstation Balhash (SYNOP 357960)
Weatherstation Balgair (SYNOP 946430)
Weatherstation Balaton (METAR LHSM)
Weatherstation Balakot (SYNOP 415360)
Weatherstation Dallas-Love (METAR KDAL)
Weatherstation Dallas-Love (METAR IATA_DAL)
Weatherstation Seminole (METAR IATA_SRE)
Weatherstation Salvador (SYNOP 832290)
Weatherstation Orange (METAR IATA_ORE)
Weatherstation Bilaspur (METAR VABI)
Weatherstation Bilaspur (SYNOP 420800)

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