Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Baler-Radar (983340) available!

Weather station in the area

Baler/Luzon Isla (METAR RPUR)
Baler/Luzon Island (SYNOP 983330)
Baler Radar Site (SYNOP 983340)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Baron-Radar (SYNOP 699004)
Weatherstation Schuler-Radar (METAR CXBU)
Weatherstation Carp-Radar (SYNOP 716284)
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Weatherstation Villeroy-Radar (METAR CWVY)
Weatherstation Villeroy-Radar (SYNOP 716160)
Weatherstation Boise-Radar (SYNOP 699064)
Weatherstation Basco-Radar (SYNOP 981360)
Weatherstation Basco-Radar (SYNOP 981340)
Weatherstation Barda (SYNOP 378320)
Weatherstation Barda (SYNOP 284210)
Weatherstation San-Pedro-Radar (SYNOP 699044)
Weatherstation Salt-Lake-Radar (SYNOP 699174)
Weatherstation Salem-Radar-Stn (SYNOP 699134)
Weatherstation Upsala-Radar (SYNOP 714354)
Weatherstation Exeter-Radar (METAR CWSO)
Weatherstation Exeter-Radar (SYNOP 716334)
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Weatherstation Balranald (SYNOP 946960)
Weatherstation Balmaseda (METAR ES_1078C)

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