Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Balmaceda (SCBA) available!

Weather station in the area

Balmaceda (SYNOP 858740)
Coyhaique/Tenien (METAR SCCY)
Coyhaique/Teniente (SYNOP 858640)
Balmaceda (SYNOP 858740)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Balmaceda (SYNOP 858740)
Weatherstation Balmaseda (METAR ES_1078C)
Weatherstation Bamenda (METAR FKKV)
Weatherstation Bamenda (SYNOP 648920)
Weatherstation Salamanca (METAR LESA)
Weatherstation Salamanca (METAR ES_2870)
Weatherstation Hamada (SYNOP 477550)
Weatherstation Barbacena (METAR SBBQ)
Weatherstation Barbacena (SYNOP 836890)
Weatherstation Bailadila (SYNOP 430930)
Weatherstation Hamraendar (SYNOP 040340)
Weatherstation Balladonia (SYNOP 946420)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR KACZ)
Weatherstation Wallace (METAR IATA_ACZ)
Weatherstation Samedan (METAR LSZS)
Weatherstation Malacca (METAR WMKM)
Weatherstation Jalance (METAR ES_8193E)
Weatherstation Hamedan (SYNOP 407680)
Weatherstation Hamadan (METAR OIHH)
Weatherstation Calanda (METAR ES_9569A)

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