Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bandirma (171150) available!

Weather station in the area

Bandirma (METAR LTBG)
Bandirma (SYNOP 171150)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bandirma (METAR LTBG)
Weatherstation Bandara (METAR WADL)
Weatherstation Sandra (SYNOP 898610)
Weatherstation Baimka (SYNOP 253350)
Weatherstation Mandora (SYNOP 942000)
Weatherstation Mandera (METAR HKMA)
Weatherstation Mandera (SYNOP 636240)
Weatherstation Kaniama (METAR FZTK)
Weatherstation Kaniama (SYNOP 643113)
Weatherstation Bira (SYNOP 316180)
Weatherstation Bardera (METAR HCMD)
Weatherstation Bardera (SYNOP 632500)
Weatherstation Bankura (SYNOP 427060)
Weatherstation Banalia (SYNOP 640460)
Weatherstation Bamenda (METAR FKKV)
Weatherstation Bamenda (SYNOP 648920)
Weatherstation Vandalia (METAR KVLA)
Weatherstation Vandalia (METAR IATA_VLA)
Weatherstation Ranohira (METAR FMSO)
Weatherstation Ranohira (SYNOP 671520)

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