Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Barda (378320) available!

Weather station in the area

Evlah (SYNOP 377470)
Tartar (SYNOP 378310)
Yevlakh Airport (METAR UBEE)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Barda (SYNOP 284210)
Weatherstation Bardera (METAR HCMD)
Weatherstation Bardera (SYNOP 632500)
Weatherstation Barra (SYNOP 831790)
Weatherstation Bar (SYNOP 134610)
Weatherstation Kardla (METAR EEKA)
Weatherstation Kardla (SYNOP 261160)
Weatherstation Hardap (SYNOP 682120)
Weatherstation Cardak (METAR LTAY)
Weatherstation Cardak (SYNOP 172375)
Weatherstation Basrah (METAR KQBS)
Weatherstation Barzas (SYNOP 295480)
Weatherstation Barkam (SYNOP 561720)
Weatherstation Bagram (METAR KQSA)
Weatherstation Bagram (METAR KQRW)
Weatherstation Urda (SYNOP 345810)
Weatherstation Tara (SYNOP 284930)
Weatherstation Selaparang (METAR WADA)
Weatherstation Reg-Dog (METAR PARD)
Weatherstation New-Iberia (METAR KARA)

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