Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Baruth (103760) available!

Weather station in the area

Berlin/Templeho (METAR EDBB)
Berlin/Schonefel (METAR EDDB)
Berlin/Tempelhof (METAR EDDI)
Berlin/Schonefe (METAR ETBS)
Berlin-Dahlem (FU) (SYNOP 103810)
Berlin-Tempelhof (SYNOP 103840)
Berlin/Schoenefeld (SYNOP 103850)
Berlin-Karlshorst (SYNOP 104120)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Barth (SYNOP 101800)
Weatherstation Bayreuth (METAR EDQD)
Weatherstation Bayreuth (SYNOP 106770)
Weatherstation Bath (SYNOP 725397)
Weatherstation Warth (SYNOP 113080)
Weatherstation Brunt (SYNOP 890200)
Weatherstation Bauru (METAR SBBU)
Weatherstation Bauru (SYNOP 837220)
Weatherstation Baunt (SYNOP 304570)
Weatherstation Learmouth (METAR YPLM)
Weatherstation Learmouth (SYNOP 943020)
Weatherstation Beirut (METAR OLBA)
Weatherstation Beirut (SYNOP 401000)
Weatherstation Bauchi (SYNOP 650550)
Weatherstation Basrah (METAR KQBS)
Weatherstation Barunhara (SYNOP 442410)
Weatherstation Bar (SYNOP 134610)
Weatherstation Baruun-Urt (SYNOP 443050)
Weatherstation Zarautz (METAR ES_1036A)
Weatherstation Waratah (SYNOP 959500)

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