Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Belawan (960330) available!

Weather station in the area

Medan/Polonia (SYNOP 960350)
Medan/Polonia (METAR WIMM)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Helwan (SYNOP 623780)
Weatherstation Beslan (METAR URMO)
Weatherstation Belaya (SYNOP 241940)
Weatherstation Beasain (METAR ES_1025X)
Weatherstation Yelwa (SYNOP 650010)
Weatherstation Mlawa (SYNOP 122700)
Weatherstation Delaware (METAR KDLZ)
Weatherstation Delaware (METAR IATA_DLZ)
Weatherstation Belen (METAR KE80)
Weatherstation Belen (METAR IATA_E80)
Weatherstation Batan (SYNOP 960870)
Weatherstation Peawanuck (SYNOP 714340)
Weatherstation Bet-Dagan (SYNOP 401790)
Weatherstation Beljaevka (SYNOP 351250)
Weatherstation Balagansk (SYNOP 306120)
Weatherstation Semawa (SYNOP 406740)
Weatherstation Oelwen (METAR KOLZ)
Weatherstation Oelwen (METAR IATA_OLZ)
Weatherstation Oelwen (SYNOP 725488)
Weatherstation Newnan (METAR KCCO)

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