Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Belgorod (UUOB) available!

Weather station in the area

Belgorod (SYNOP 342140)
Belgorod (METAR UUOB)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Belgorod (SYNOP 342140)
Weatherstation Borod (SYNOP 150950)
Weatherstation Belorado (METAR ES_9111)
Weatherstation Slavgorod (SYNOP 299150)
Weatherstation Bogorodsk (SYNOP 237080)
Weatherstation Belovodsk (SYNOP 344340)
Weatherstation Belogorsk (SYNOP 315130)
Weatherstation Belogorka (SYNOP 260690)
Weatherstation Uzgorod (SYNOP 336310)
Weatherstation Rhodes-Maritsa (METAR LGRD)
Weatherstation Oradea (METAR LROD)
Weatherstation Llanbedr (METAR EGOD)
Weatherstation Diourbel (METAR GOOD)
Weatherstation Berd (SYNOP 377130)
Weatherstation Beograd (SYNOP 132740)
Weatherstation Behsood (METAR OABD)
Weatherstation Behsood (SYNOP 409673)
Weatherstation Bedford (METAR KBED)
Weatherstation Bedford (METAR IATA_BED)
Weatherstation Bedford (SYNOP 713955)

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