Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bijie (577070) available!

Weather station in the area

Bijie (SYNOP 577070)
Bijie (SYNOP 577070)
Bijie (SYNOP 577070)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bilje (SYNOP 141060)
Weatherstation Baiji (SYNOP 406310)
Weatherstation Isafjorour (METAR BIIS)
Weatherstation Imam-Khomeini (METAR OIIE)
Weatherstation Egilsstadir (METAR BIEG)
Weatherstation Blakely-Early-C (METAR KBIJ)
Weatherstation Bemidji (METAR KBJI)
Weatherstation Bemidji (METAR KBJI)
Weatherstation Bemidji (METAR IATA_BJI)
Weatherstation Beijing (SYNOP 545110)
Weatherstation Beatrice-Municip (METAR KBIE)
Weatherstation Bowie (METAR K0F2)
Weatherstation Bowie (METAR IATA_0F2)
Weatherstation Boise (METAR KBOI)
Weatherstation Boise (METAR IATA_BOI)
Weatherstation Biser (SYNOP 281380)
Weatherstation Bikin (SYNOP 318320)
Weatherstation Bijsk (SYNOP 299390)
Weatherstation Bayji (METAR KQBJ)
Weatherstation Baoji (SYNOP 570160)

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