Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Birzaj (265310) available!

Weather station in the area

Birzai (SYNOP 265310)
Birzai (SYNOP 265310)
Birzai (SYNOP 265310)
Panevezys (SYNOP 265290)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bira (SYNOP 316180)
Weatherstation Birao (METAR FEFI)
Weatherstation Birao (SYNOP 646580)
Weatherstation Beira (METAR FQBR)
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Weatherstation Brozas (METAR ES_3565X)
Weatherstation Bouira (SYNOP 604170)
Weatherstation Borzya (SYNOP 309650)
Weatherstation Biskra (METAR DAUB)
Weatherstation Biskra (SYNOP 605250)
Weatherstation Birlad (SYNOP 151970)
Weatherstation Bicura (SYNOP 309340)
Weatherstation Barzas (SYNOP 295480)
Weatherstation Birjusa (SYNOP 297940)
Weatherstation Birjand (METAR OIMB)
Weatherstation Birjand (SYNOP 408090)
Weatherstation Birakan (SYNOP 317030)
Weatherstation Yuma (METAR KBZA)
Weatherstation Sira (SYNOP 297560)
Weatherstation Sauoarkrokur (METAR BIKR)

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