Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bolzano (160200) available!

Weather station in the area

Bolzano (METAR LIPB)
Bolzano (SYNOP 160200)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bolzano (METAR LIPB)
Weatherstation Bozeman (METAR KBZN)
Weatherstation Bozeman (METAR IATA_BZN)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR KAQO)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR K6R9)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR IATA_AQO)
Weatherstation Llano (METAR IATA_6R9)
Weatherstation Borlange (METAR ESSD)
Weatherstation Bondo (METAR FZKP)
Weatherstation Bondo (SYNOP 640210)
Weatherstation Bolotnoe (SYNOP 295390)
Weatherstation Bohan (SYNOP 306180)
Weatherstation Bhola (SYNOP 419510)
Weatherstation Banyo (METAR FKAB)
Weatherstation Banyo (SYNOP 648800)
Weatherstation Dolzhanka (SYNOP 347190)
Weatherstation Bossangoa (METAR FEFS)
Weatherstation Bossangoa (SYNOP 646100)
Weatherstation Borlaenge (SYNOP 024350)
Weatherstation Balkasino (SYNOP 289780)

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