Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Boryeong (471500) available!

Weather station in the area

Woong Cheon (METAR RKTW)
Woong Cheon (SYNOP 471086)
Haemi (SYNOP 471087)
Taejon (SYNOP 471320)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Corryong (SYNOP 948990)
Weatherstation Boysen (METAR KBOY)
Weatherstation Boysen (METAR IATA_BOY)
Weatherstation Borden (METAR IATA_YBN)
Weatherstation Borden (METAR CYBN)
Weatherstation Borden (SYNOP 715340)
Weatherstation Borlaenge (SYNOP 024350)
Weatherstation Torreon (SYNOP 723657)
Weatherstation Nejran (METAR OENG)
Weatherstation Kyelong (SYNOP 420630)
Weatherstation Torrejon (METAR LETO)
Weatherstation Torrejon (SYNOP 082270)
Weatherstation Botrange (SYNOP 064950)
Weatherstation Borlange (METAR ESSD)
Weatherstation Moron (METAR LEMO)
Weatherstation Horog (SYNOP 389540)
Weatherstation Coron (SYNOP 985260)
Weatherstation Borod (SYNOP 150950)
Weatherstation Boiro (METAR ES_1442U)
Weatherstation Bryce-Canyon (METAR KBCE)

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