Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bose (592110) available!

Weather station in the area

Baise (SYNOP 592110)
Baise (SYNOP 592110)
Baise (SYNOP 592110)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Boise (METAR KBOI)
Weatherstation Boise (METAR IATA_BOI)
Weatherstation Boysen (METAR KBOY)
Weatherstation Boysen (METAR IATA_BOY)
Weatherstation Oostende-Airport (METAR EBOS)
Weatherstation Boston (METAR KBOS)
Weatherstation Bole (METAR DGLB)
Weatherstation Bole (SYNOP 654160)
Weatherstation Posse (SYNOP 833320)
Weatherstation Bowie (METAR K0F2)
Weatherstation Bowie (METAR IATA_0F2)
Weatherstation Bovec (SYNOP 140050)
Weatherstation Bovec (SYNOP 130050)
Weatherstation Botev (SYNOP 156270)
Weatherstation Boscobel (METAR KOVS)
Weatherstation Boscobel (METAR IATA_OVS)
Weatherstation Bo (METAR GFBO)
Weatherstation Bo (SYNOP 618810)
Weatherstation Biser (SYNOP 281380)
Weatherstation Basse (SYNOP 617310)

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