Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bourges (072550) available!

Weather station in the area

Bourges (METAR LFLD)
Avord (SYNOP 072570)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bourges (METAR LFLD)
Weatherstation Burgos (METAR ES_2331X)
Weatherstation Burgeo (METAR IATA_WBD)
Weatherstation Burgeo (METAR CWBF)
Weatherstation Burgeo (METAR CWBD)
Weatherstation Burgeo (SYNOP 711944)
Weatherstation Burgeo (SYNOP 711940)
Weatherstation Burgas (METAR LBBG)
Weatherstation Burgas (METAR KQHD)
Weatherstation Burgas (SYNOP 156550)
Weatherstation Bourke (SYNOP 947030)
Weatherstation Borger (METAR KBGD)
Weatherstation Borger (METAR IATA_BGD)
Weatherstation Rouvres (METAR LFQE)
Weatherstation Rouvres (SYNOP 070883)
Weatherstation Soure (SYNOP 821410)
Weatherstation Goure (METAR DRZG)
Weatherstation Goure (SYNOP 610450)
Weatherstation Bursa (METAR LTBE)
Weatherstation Bursa (SYNOP 171160)

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