Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Brad (152060) available!

Weather station in the area

Cimpeni (SYNOP 151620)
Steiu (SYNOP 151400)
Doctor Petru Groza (SYNOP 151600)
Gurahont (SYNOP 151820)
Cimpeni (SYNOP 151620)
Deva (SYNOP 152300)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Brady (METAR KBBD)
Weatherstation Brady (METAR IATA_BBD)
Weatherstation Brandt (METAR KBRA)
Weatherstation Brandt (METAR IATA_BRA)
Weatherstation Birlad (SYNOP 151970)
Weatherstation Warroad (METAR KRAD)
Weatherstation Bria (METAR FEFR)
Weatherstation Bria (SYNOP 646550)
Weatherstation Bray (METAR LFAQ)
Weatherstation Brat (SYNOP 259190)
Weatherstation Brandt (METAR KBRA)
Weatherstation Brainerd (METAR KBRD)
Weatherstation Bira (SYNOP 316180)
Weatherstation Berd (SYNOP 377130)
Weatherstation Bera (METAR ES_1010X)
Weatherstation Barksdale-Afb (METAR KBAD)
Weatherstation Arad (METAR LRAR)
Weatherstation Arad (SYNOP 152000)
Weatherstation Akyab (METAR VBRA)
Weatherstation Broadus (METAR K4BQ)

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