Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Bridgeport (KBAN) available!

Weather station in the area

Bridgeport (METAR KBAN)
Bridgeport (METAR KBAN)
Bridgeport (METAR KBAN)
Bridgeport (METAR IATA_O57)
Bridgeport (METAR KO57)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bridgeport (METAR KXBP)
Weatherstation Bridgeport (METAR KO57)
Weatherstation Bridgeport (METAR KBDR)
Weatherstation Bridgeport (METAR K1F9)
Weatherstation Bridgeport (METAR IATA_O57)
Weatherstation Bridgeport (METAR IATA_BDR)
Weatherstation Bridgeport (METAR IATA_1F9)
Weatherstation Bridgetown (SYNOP 956320)
Weatherstation Bridgetown (SYNOP 946160)
Weatherstation Bridgetown (SYNOP 789543)
Weatherstation Bridgeport-Sikorski (SYNOP 725040)
Weatherstation Freeport (METAR KFEP)
Weatherstation Freeport (METAR K6T5)
Weatherstation Freeport (METAR IATA_FEP)
Weatherstation Freeport (METAR IATA_6T5)
Weatherstation Freeport (SYNOP 722437)
Weatherstation Freeport (SYNOP 722413)
Weatherstation Fort-Bridger-Airport (METAR KFBR)
Weatherstation Beauport (METAR IATA_XBO)
Weatherstation Beauport (METAR CXBO)

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