Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Bugt (542260) available!

Weather station in the area

Bugt (SYNOP 542260)
Bugt (SYNOP 542260)
Bugt (SYNOP 542260)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Bugt (SYNOP 506320)
Weatherstation Uruguaiana-Rubem (METAR SBUG)
Weatherstation Turks-Island (METAR MBGT)
Weatherstation Tingmiarmiut (METAR BGTM)
Weatherstation Thule (METAR BGTL)
Weatherstation Tbilisi-Novo-Al (METAR UGTB)
Weatherstation Sukkertoppen (METAR BGST)
Weatherstation Paamiut (METAR BGPT)
Weatherstation Guantanamo (METAR MUGT)
Weatherstation Gent-Industry-Zo (METAR EBGT)
Weatherstation Cape-Tobin (METAR BGKT)
Weatherstation Buta (SYNOP 640340)
Weatherstation Bust (SYNOP 409880)
Weatherstation Aputiteeq (METAR BGAT)
Weatherstation Butte (METAR KBTM)
Weatherstation Butte (METAR IATA_BTM)
Weatherstation Butka (SYNOP 284550)
Weatherstation Buhta (SYNOP 250340)
Weatherstation Brunt (SYNOP 890200)
Weatherstation Baunt (SYNOP 304570)

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