Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Caceres (082610) available!

Weather station in the area

Cceres (SYNOP ES_3469A)
Alcuscar (SYNOP ES_4411C)
Puebla de Obando (SYNOP ES_4468X)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Caceres (SYNOP 834050)
Weatherstation Cceres (METAR ES_3469A)
Weatherstation Ceres (METAR SANW)
Weatherstation Ceres (SYNOP 872570)
Weatherstation Cecersk (SYNOP 269740)
Weatherstation Fagernes (SYNOP 013670)
Weatherstation Chievres (METAR KQIH)
Weatherstation Carteret (SYNOP 070340)
Weatherstation Cape-Charles (SYNOP 724028)
Weatherstation Sachkhere (SYNOP 374030)
Weatherstation Cherkessk (SYNOP 370470)
Weatherstation Cervantes (METAR ES_1297E)
Weatherstation Caizares (METAR ES_3044X)
Weatherstation Sagres (SYNOP 085380)
Weatherstation Sagres (SYNOP 085330)
Weatherstation Parkes (SYNOP 947170)
Weatherstation Mieres (METAR ES_1234P)
Weatherstation Chepes (METAR SACP)
Weatherstation Chepes (SYNOP 873220)
Weatherstation Casper (METAR KDDY)

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