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No data for Metar station Cairo (KCIR) available!

Weather station in the area


Similar station names

Weatherstation Cairo (METAR IATA_CIR)
Weatherstation Cakir (SYNOP 309150)
Weatherstation Charlo (SYNOP 713150)
Weatherstation Castro (SYNOP 838130)
Weatherstation Camiri (METAR SLCA)
Weatherstation Camiri (SYNOP 853150)
Weatherstation Chassiron (SYNOP 073140)
Weatherstation Cairngorm (METAR MOUNT_Cairngorm)
Weatherstation Ziro (SYNOP 423120)
Weatherstation Rosemary (METAR CPRO)
Weatherstation Rose-Spit (METAR CWRO)
Weatherstation Robinson-Crusoe (METAR SCIR)
Weatherstation Pretoria-Irene (METAR FAIR)
Weatherstation Pond-Inlet-Airport (METAR CYIO)
Weatherstation Paro (METAR VQPR)
Weatherstation Iskut-River (METAR CWIO)
Weatherstation Iron-Springs (METAR CPIR)
Weatherstation Harrington (METAR CAHR)
Weatherstation Haro (METAR ES_9121X)
Weatherstation Faro (METAR LPFR)

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