Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Calafat (154820) available!

Weather station in the area

Novo Selo (SYNOP 155010)
Vidin (SYNOP 155020)
Lom (SYNOP 155110)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Le-Touquet-P-Pl (METAR LFAT)
Weatherstation Cala (METAR ES_5769X)
Weatherstation Malahat (METAR IATA_WKH)
Weatherstation Malahat (METAR CWKH)
Weatherstation Malahat (SYNOP 717740)
Weatherstation Calayan (SYNOP 981330)
Weatherstation Calanda (METAR ES_9569A)
Weatherstation Calabar (METAR DNCA)
Weatherstation Calabar (SYNOP 652640)
Weatherstation Qalat (METAR KQLT)
Weatherstation Kalat (METAR OPKL)
Weatherstation Kalat (METAR OAKT)
Weatherstation Kalat (SYNOP 416963)
Weatherstation Kalat (SYNOP 409793)
Weatherstation Kalamata (METAR LGKL)
Weatherstation Kalamata (SYNOP 167260)
Weatherstation Halfa (METAR HSSW)
Weatherstation Fresno (METAR IATA_FAT)
Weatherstation Calka (SYNOP 375370)
Weatherstation Calarasi (SYNOP 154600)

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