Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Cambridge (EGSC) available!

Weather station in the area

Cambridge (SYNOP 035715)
Mildenhall (METAR EGUN)
Oakington (METAR EGUO)
Wethersfield (METAR EGVT)
Oakington (SYNOP 035713)
Mildenhall (SYNOP 035770)
Became Stn 035770 (SYNOP 035773)
Wethersfield (SYNOP 036883)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Cambridge (SYNOP 035715)
Weatherstation Cambridge-Bay (METAR CXCM)
Weatherstation Cambridge-Bay (SYNOP 712880)
Weatherstation Cambridge-Muni (METAR KCBG)
Weatherstation Cambridge-Muni (METAR IATA_CBG)
Weatherstation Cambridge-Muni (SYNOP 727503)
Weatherstation Cambridge-Dorch (METAR KCGE)
Weatherstation Cambridge-Dorch (METAR IATA_CGE)
Weatherstation Bainbridge (METAR KBGE)
Weatherstation Bainbridge (METAR IATA_BGE)
Weatherstation Mobridge (METAR KY26)
Weatherstation Mobridge (METAR KMBG)
Weatherstation Mobridge (METAR IATA_Y26)
Weatherstation Mobridge (METAR IATA_MBG)
Weatherstation Mobridge (SYNOP 726685)
Weatherstation Mobridge (SYNOP 726680)
Weatherstation Camborne (SYNOP 038080)
Weatherstation Camiri (METAR SLCA)
Weatherstation Camiri (SYNOP 853150)
Weatherstation Cameri (METAR LIMN)

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