Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Campbeltown (EGEC) available!

Weather station in the area

Campbeltown (METAR IATA_CAL)
Machrihanish (METAR EGQJ)
Machrihanish (SYNOP 031110)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Campbeltown (METAR IATA_CAL)
Weatherstation Campbelltown (SYNOP 947570)
Weatherstation Campbelltown-P-O (SYNOP 949850)
Weatherstation Camp-Pendleton (METAR KNFG)
Weatherstation Camp-Pendleton (METAR IATA_NFG)
Weatherstation Lamberton (METAR QRCM)
Weatherstation Jamestown (METAR KJMS)
Weatherstation Jamestown (METAR KJHW)
Weatherstation Jamestown (METAR IATA_JMS)
Weatherstation Jamestown (METAR IATA_JHW)
Weatherstation Jamestown (SYNOP 725235)
Weatherstation Camdenton (METAR KH21)
Weatherstation Camdenton (METAR IATA_H21)
Weatherstation Cameron (METAR KT35)
Weatherstation Cameron (METAR IATA_T35)
Weatherstation Wahpeton (METAR KBWP)
Weatherstation Wahpeton (METAR IATA_BWP)
Weatherstation Scampton (METAR EGXP)
Weatherstation Scampton (SYNOP 033730)
Weatherstation Hamilton (METAR KHAO)

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