Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Capaevo (353020) available!

Weather station in the area

Chapaevo (SYNOP 353020)
Chapaevo (SYNOP 353020)
Chapaevo (SYNOP 353020)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Chapeco (METAR SBCH)
Weatherstation Chapeco (SYNOP 838830)
Weatherstation Caparao (SYNOP 836390)
Weatherstation Babaevo (SYNOP 270080)
Weatherstation Sarajevo (SYNOP 133540)
Weatherstation Chapelco (METAR SAZY)
Weatherstation Chapelco (SYNOP 877610)
Weatherstation Caamero (METAR ES_4339X)
Weatherstation Caspe (METAR ES_9574X)
Weatherstation Cape-Don (SYNOP 941280)
Weatherstation Campo (METAR KCZZ)
Weatherstation Campo (METAR IATA_CZZ)
Weatherstation Campo (SYNOP 747186)
Weatherstation Camaleo (METAR ES_1167B)
Weatherstation Cajvo (SYNOP 320360)
Weatherstation Baevo (SYNOP 298270)
Weatherstation Kropacevo (SYNOP 286370)
Weatherstation Kolpasevo (SYNOP 292310)
Weatherstation Culpanovo (SYNOP 287040)
Weatherstation Cape-Ross (SYNOP 896660)

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