Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Cape-Bear (077490) available!

Weather station in the area

Cadaqus (SYNOP ES_0433D)
Espolla (SYNOP ES_0421X)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Lapeer (METAR KD95)
Weatherstation Lapeer (METAR IATA_D95)
Weatherstation Casper (METAR KDDY)
Weatherstation Casper (METAR KCPR)
Weatherstation Casper (METAR IATA_DDY)
Weatherstation Casper (METAR IATA_CPR)
Weatherstation Cape-Bely (SYNOP 230240)
Weatherstation Capdepera (METAR ES_B569X)
Weatherstation Cape-Sagro (SYNOP 077910)
Weatherstation Cape-Mercy (METAR IATA_WYM)
Weatherstation Cape-Mercy (METAR CWYM)
Weatherstation Cape-Mercy (SYNOP 719750)
Weatherstation Cape-Henry (SYNOP 723076)
Weatherstation Cape-Byron (SYNOP 945950)
Weatherstation Cape-Bruny (SYNOP 959670)
Weatherstation Cape-Bruny (SYNOP 949670)
Weatherstation Cape-Borda (SYNOP 958050)
Weatherstation Cape-Borda (SYNOP 948050)
Weatherstation Capella (METAR ES_9855E)
Weatherstation Caparao (SYNOP 836390)

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