Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Cape-Corse (077850) available!

Weather station in the area

Cape Sagro (SYNOP 077910)
Cape Sagro (SYNOP 077910)
Cape Sagro (SYNOP 077910)
Bastia/Poretta (METAR LFKB)
Ile Rousse (SYNOP 077530)
Bastia/Poretta (SYNOP 077900)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Cape-Couronne (SYNOP 076530)
Weatherstation Cape-Corbelin (SYNOP 603840)
Weatherstation Cape-Sorell (SYNOP 949740)
Weatherstation Cape-George (METAR IATA_WGU)
Weatherstation Cape-George (METAR CWGU)
Weatherstation Cape-George (SYNOP 716055)
Weatherstation Claremore (METAR KGCM)
Weatherstation Claremore (METAR IATA_GCM)
Weatherstation Cape-Ross (SYNOP 896660)
Weatherstation Cape-Moreton (SYNOP 945940)
Weatherstation Cape-Charles (SYNOP 724028)
Weatherstation Casper (METAR KDDY)
Weatherstation Casper (METAR KCPR)
Weatherstation Casper (METAR IATA_DDY)
Weatherstation Casper (METAR IATA_CPR)
Weatherstation Cape-Dorset-Airp (METAR IATA_YTE)
Weatherstation Cape-Dorset-Airp (METAR CYTE)
Weatherstation Carpentras (SYNOP 075860)
Weatherstation Cape-Cepet (SYNOP 076610)
Weatherstation Cape-Borda (SYNOP 958050)

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