Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Cardinham (038230) available!

Weather station in the area

Davidstow Moor (SYNOP 038200)
Bastreet (SYNOP 038240)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Carinhanha (SYNOP 834080)
Weatherstation Varginha (METAR SBVG)
Weatherstation Clarinda (METAR KICL)
Weatherstation Clarinda (METAR IATA_ICL)
Weatherstation Clarinda (SYNOP 725479)
Weatherstation Carolina (METAR FACL)
Weatherstation Carolina (SYNOP 827650)
Weatherstation Carolina (SYNOP 683800)
Weatherstation Carnamah (SYNOP 944150)
Weatherstation Odiham (METAR EGVO)
Weatherstation Odiham (SYNOP 037610)
Weatherstation Marham (METAR EGYM)
Weatherstation Marham (SYNOP 034820)
Weatherstation Mardin (SYNOP 172750)
Weatherstation Cardak (METAR LTAY)
Weatherstation Cardak (SYNOP 172375)
Weatherstation Caratinga (SYNOP 835920)
Weatherstation Sheringham (METAR IATA_WSP)
Weatherstation Sheringham (METAR CWSP)
Weatherstation Sheringham (SYNOP 717800)

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