Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Celle (103430) available!

Weather station in the area

Bergen/Hohne (METAR EDZB)
Bergen (SYNOP 102380)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Celle (METAR ETHC)
Weatherstation Celje (SYNOP 140230)
Weatherstation Celje (SYNOP 130230)
Weatherstation Teller (METAR PATE)
Weatherstation Cadell (SYNOP 946850)
Weatherstation Vellore (METAR VOVR)
Weatherstation Vellore (SYNOP 433030)
Weatherstation Vallenar (METAR SCLL)
Weatherstation Sabadell (METAR LELL)
Weatherstation Pudahuel-Arturo (METAR SCEL)
Weatherstation Nellore (SYNOP 432450)
Weatherstation Luxembourg (METAR ELLX)
Weatherstation Lucky-Lake (METAR CWLE)
Weatherstation London-Heathrow (METAR EGLL)
Weatherstation Lodz-Lublinek (METAR EPLL)
Weatherstation Lloydminster-Airport (METAR CYLL)
Weatherstation Lindberg-Landing (METAR CXLL)
Weatherstation Leros (METAR LGLE)
Weatherstation Lelystad (METAR EHLE)
Weatherstation Essen (METAR EDLE)

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