Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Celue (140230) available!

Weather station in the area

Celje (SYNOP 130230)
Rogla (SYNOP 130200)
Smartno (SYNOP 130210)
Lisca (SYNOP 130240)
Slovenj Gradec (SYNOP 140210)
Lisca (SYNOP 140240)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Celle (METAR ETHC)
Weatherstation Celle (SYNOP 103430)
Weatherstation Celje (SYNOP 130230)
Weatherstation Pudahuel-Arturo (METAR SCEL)
Weatherstation Lutsel-Ke-Cs (METAR CXLU)
Weatherstation Lelystad (METAR EHLE)
Weatherstation Lauzon (METAR CWLU)
Weatherstation Kangiksualujjuaq (METAR CYLU)
Weatherstation Eureka (METAR CYEU)
Weatherstation Eureka (METAR CWEU)
Weatherstation Essen (METAR EDLE)
Weatherstation Entrance-Island (METAR CWEL)
Weatherstation Elora-Rcs (METAR CZEL)
Weatherstation Elliot-Lake (METAR CYEL)
Weatherstation Cloquet (METAR KCOQ)
Weatherstation Cloquet (METAR IATA_COQ)
Weatherstation Cloquet (SYNOP 726558)
Weatherstation Clemson (METAR KCEU)
Weatherstation Chamouchouane (METAR CWEE)
Weatherstation Cerklje (METAR LJCE)

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