Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Cheju (471850) available!

Weather station in the area

Mosulpo (METAR RKPM)
Mosulpo (SYNOP 471870)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Cheju (SYNOP 471840)
Weatherstation Chonju (SYNOP 471460)
Weatherstation Che-Ku (SYNOP 556900)
Weatherstation Saint-Hubert-Airport (METAR CYHU)
Weatherstation Langara (METAR CWJU)
Weatherstation Hope-Airport (METAR CYHE)
Weatherstation Hayden-Vor (METAR KCHE)
Weatherstation Eureka (METAR CYEU)
Weatherstation Eureka (METAR CWEU)
Weatherstation Clemson (METAR KCEU)
Weatherstation Chungju (SYNOP 471145)
Weatherstation Chui (SYNOP 839980)
Weatherstation Chongju (SYNOP 471310)
Weatherstation Chongju (SYNOP 471280)
Weatherstation Chief-Joseph (METAR KCHJ)
Weatherstation Chengdu (METAR ZUUU)
Weatherstation Chengdu (SYNOP 562940)
Weatherstation Cheb (SYNOP 114060)
Weatherstation Chisengu (SYNOP 678970)
Weatherstation Chetumal (METAR MMCM)

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