Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Chengdu (ZUUU) available!

Weather station in the area

Chengdu (SYNOP 562940)
Wenjiang (SYNOP 561870)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Chengdu (SYNOP 562940)
Weatherstation Chengde (SYNOP 544230)
Weatherstation Chisengu (SYNOP 678970)
Weatherstation Bardufoss (METAR ENDU)
Weatherstation Chungmu (SYNOP 471620)
Weatherstation Chungju (SYNOP 471145)
Weatherstation Chongju (SYNOP 471310)
Weatherstation Chongju (SYNOP 471280)
Weatherstation Chifeng (SYNOP 542180)
Weatherstation Changde (SYNOP 576620)
Weatherstation Cheng-Kung (SYNOP 467610)
Weatherstation Chieming (SYNOP 109820)
Weatherstation Cheung-Chau (METAR VHCH)
Weatherstation Cheung-Chau (SYNOP 450010)
Weatherstation Chenzhou (SYNOP 579720)
Weatherstation Cheju (SYNOP 471850)
Weatherstation Cheju (SYNOP 471840)
Weatherstation Chang-Wu (SYNOP 539290)
Weatherstation Chengshantou (SYNOP 547760)
Weatherstation Zhengzhou (METAR ZHCC)

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