Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Chiang-Mai (VTCC) available!

Weather station in the area

Chiang Mai Airport (SYNOP 483270)
Lamphun (SYNOP 483290)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Chiang-Rai (METAR VTCR)
Weatherstation Chiang-Rai (SYNOP 483030)
Weatherstation Changbai (SYNOP 543860)
Weatherstation Ching-T'Ai (SYNOP 527970)
Weatherstation Chinandega (METAR MNCH)
Weatherstation Chinandega (SYNOP 787390)
Weatherstation Chihhang (SYNOP 467600)
Weatherstation Chiang-Kham (METAR VTCB)
Weatherstation Chiang-Kham (SYNOP 483007)
Weatherstation Chavanga (SYNOP 223390)
Weatherstation Changsha (SYNOP 576870)
Weatherstation Changjin (SYNOP 470310)
Weatherstation Changins (SYNOP 067050)
Weatherstation Chang-Wu (SYNOP 539290)
Weatherstation Chiang-Mai-Airport (SYNOP 483270)
Weatherstation Tchibanga (METAR FOOT)
Weatherstation Tchibanga (SYNOP 645070)
Weatherstation Shinyanga (METAR HTSY)
Weatherstation Shinyanga (SYNOP 639003)
Weatherstation Shang-Nan (SYNOP 571560)

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