Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Chitral (415060) available!

Weather station in the area

Chitral (METAR OPCH)
Drosh (SYNOP 415150)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Chitral (METAR OPCH)
Weatherstation Chita (SYNOP 307580)
Weatherstation Chiatura (SYNOP 374040)
Weatherstation Rawson-Lake (METAR CTRA)
Weatherstation Alexandria (METAR CTAL)
Weatherstation Chitipa (METAR FWCT)
Weatherstation Chitipa (SYNOP 674210)
Weatherstation Chirpan (SYNOP 156350)
Weatherstation Chiriac (SYNOP 154750)
Weatherstation Chipata (METAR FLCP)
Weatherstation Chipata (SYNOP 675810)
Weatherstation Central (METAR PARL)
Weatherstation Central (METAR PACE)
Weatherstation Riverside (METAR IATA_RAL)
Weatherstation Nitra (METAR LZNI)
Weatherstation Nitra (SYNOP 118550)
Weatherstation Hitra (SYNOP 012370)
Weatherstation Chulitna (METAR PAEC)
Weatherstation Chulitna (METAR IATA_AEC)
Weatherstation Chulitna (SYNOP 702606)

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