Observations: Weather station

No data for Synop station Chongju (471310) available!

Weather station in the area

Songmu (SYNOP 471240)
Chongju (SYNOP 471280)
Taejon (SYNOP 471330)
(SYNOP 471450)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Chongju (SYNOP 471280)
Weatherstation Chonju (SYNOP 471460)
Weatherstation Chungju (SYNOP 471145)
Weatherstation Chongjin (SYNOP 470080)
Weatherstation Jongju (METAR RKTU)
Weatherstation Chungmu (SYNOP 471620)
Weatherstation Chengdu (METAR ZUUU)
Weatherstation Chengdu (SYNOP 562940)
Weatherstation Wonju (METAR RKNW)
Weatherstation Wonju (SYNOP 471140)
Weatherstation Mongu (METAR FLMG)
Weatherstation Mongu (SYNOP 676330)
Weatherstation Chuxiong (SYNOP 567680)
Weatherstation Chone (METAR SECH)
Weatherstation Chone (SYNOP 840150)
Weatherstation Chisengu (SYNOP 678970)
Weatherstation Cheju (SYNOP 471850)
Weatherstation Cheju (SYNOP 471840)
Weatherstation Chaoyang (METAR ZYCY)
Weatherstation Chaoyang (SYNOP 543240)

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