Observations: Weather station

No data for Metar station Collegedale (K3M3) available!

Weather station in the area

Collegedale (METAR IATA_3M3)
Chattanooga (METAR IATA_CHA)
Chattanooga Vor (METAR IATA_GQO)
Chattanooga (METAR KCHA)
Chattanooga Vor (METAR KGQO)
Chattanooga/Lovell (SYNOP 723240)
Chattanooga/Daisy (SYNOP 723244)
Cleveland Regional Jetport (METAR KRZR)

Similar station names

Weatherstation Collegedale (METAR IATA_3M3)
Weatherstation Coaldale (METAR KOAL)
Weatherstation Coaldale (METAR IATA_OAL)
Weatherstation Cleardale (METAR CXCD)
Weatherstation Cleardale (SYNOP 712210)
Weatherstation Allendale (SYNOP 948030)
Weatherstation College-Park (METAR KCGS)
Weatherstation College-Park (METAR IATA_CGS)
Weatherstation St-College (SYNOP 724078)
Weatherstation Kolonedale (SYNOP 971000)
Weatherstation Hopedale (METAR IATA_WHO)
Weatherstation Hopedale (METAR CWHO)
Weatherstation Hopedale (SYNOP 719000)
Weatherstation Glendale (METAR KGEU)
Weatherstation Glendale (METAR IATA_GEU)
Weatherstation Dover-Ellendale (METAR KDOX)
Weatherstation Dover-Ellendale (METAR IATA_DOX)
Weatherstation College-Station (METAR KCLL)
Weatherstation College-Station (METAR IATA_CLL)
Weatherstation College-Station (SYNOP 722445)

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